02 May 2011


Dear Chinese guy

Why are Chinese people mourning the death of Osama Bin Laden?


James K

Dear James

SOME people might be mourning the death of OBL, while others are indifferent. The problem here is that it merely illustrates that you can get arse holes all over the planet in each and every country. China is no different!

I would add however that there is also the issue of the enemy of my enemy type thinking. Nationalists still portray the old idea of if somebody is a thorn in my enemy's ass then that's a good thing. Oddly enough this has some real ironic overtones to it. Like the CIA supplying weapons to the Mujaheddin of Afghanistan who proceeded to defeat the Soviets. The Chinese example is of Vietnam whereby China provided 'help' to Vietnam during its various 'conflicts' only for Vietnam to bite China back in its ass a few years later.

Anyway the CCP has a tendency to blame as much as possible other outside forces for bad things happening. The thing is this is not unique to the CCP style of governance. The last UK prime minister who I might add nobody voted for. Blamed his crappy running of the economy on the USA.

Bob Mugabe blames the white man for the problems in his country.

Obama blamed BP (which is incidentally called Beyond Petroleum for a big oil spill, which then got hushed up when the safety company involved was a US company.

Then you get people who make you think WTF?

Tbh I don't know if Poe's Law should be invoked here

since I seriously can't tell if it is a parody or if it is real. Thus saying Chinese people as if all people are mourning is a gross generalisation.

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