22 September 2011

reverse racism

Dear Chinese guy

What is reverse racism? I sometimes see you mention it on your posts in [another place].


Dear K

Reverse racism is racism but in reverse. I.e. instead of discriminating against say a minority group the majority is discriminated against. Its sort of like positive discrimination. Where to ensure equal numbers of black, indians etc get into a work place or something. Rather than the principle of merit whereby best man or woman for the job.

Much like American Basketball has token white guys playing for them..

In the context of China reverse racism is old style lazy thinking. That is to judge a book by its cover...

I.e. a persons ethnicity determines their ability in a particular activity.

Such that a lot of people think oh look he's Japanese/Chinese he must be better at Kung Fu/Wushu than a white person teaching it.... when in reality its not always the case. There is a Tong Long master in Manchester who I've seen spar against Mr and Mrs Lee... yes both at the same time. He is exceptional in his ability and nobody has been able to land a hit on him.

Back to China, anyway quite often in China PR exercises in backwater towns hire white people as actors to pretend to be international company directors or what not, thus convincing the locals oooh this must be a massive company.

Same with teaching, ah he's white must be a better teacher than a qualified non white person.

This is not unique to China of course, back in the 1990s a friend of mine went to Japan, he bummed around for nearly a decade as a fake clergyman. As it'd look better in the wedding photos.....

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