08 February 2011

Chinese excel again *sigh*

More tiger parents meh not again, trading paper qualifications for long term happiness.

The thing is it's bullshit. The qualifications and exams that is in the UK. GCSE papers are so freakin' dumbed down that you can get an A* (please don't let any Chinese parents realise you can get higher than an A+) by just turning up.

You see exam boards in the UK are businesses. They have to whore themselves out to schools to sell their exam papers. The more people pass the better it looks, at least on paper worthless paper. For some reason if 96% of people get a pass this makes it a worthwhile qualification. It diesn't My ACCA papers have an 87% FAIL rate (the audit papers and tax papers are tricky) which makes it worthwhile. you know basic economic theory scarcity = more value. Does anybody have the full joke about the future of the American/British exam system? I can't find it, it has several silly questions.

Spell USA etc.

Here is some more light reading

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