16 April 2011


I don't believe lots of women do this in Asia EVERY single day....

Nowt wrong with our eyes folks.... ok we have to put up with bafoons like Prince Philip whose gaffes are actually sometimes funny due to the way he constantly puts his foot into it. (The ultimate irony is that our Royal Family is a bunch of Germans who changed their names around WWI so we wouldn't lynch them)

Maybe it's because I saw a video nasty when I was about eight. Where I saw a man get red hot pokers on a minature railway track inserted into his eyeballs (the screams haunt me to this very day). But eww...

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  1. I know people who use tape, as in scotch tape from your office desk, to give themselves the double eyelids. I guess this is the same kind of concept.

    And of course woman do this everyday, it's like putting on makeup or shaving our legs. We conform to a common standard of beauty. And have the world look at us.