27 June 2010

Material girls?

There has been debate online recently about the rise of materialism in girls these days in China people blame this on the imbalance between men and women in China while others blame it on insane high house prices (a nod to me HPC home boys) heh High house prices infect everything!

However this is hardly a new phenomenon though if anybody has read previously about Chinese weddings where there is a pretty overt negotiation then this is nothing really new.

My own thoughts are a bit mixed on this in that TCG has often been a target for mainland Chinese girls who make offers of marriage to me (if only they knew I was absolutely broke heh). I think it'll end in tears really. Love? Financial security? I'm not even sure those things can really last forever.

The bit near the end describes it quite well about expiry dates.

However why is everybody acting all surprised about it then if it has been normal and perfectly natural thing for centuries?

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