28 November 2010

Mast nailing and stuff

Sorry for the general absence, but I've been generally doing things for family you know how it is, it escalates into stuff like this. And also the girlie flew in for a few days for some reason and when there is a choice between blog and boob, I'll go for the boob each time.


Just to nail my colours to the mast as I make provokative comments on other blogs.. I don't support the CCP, I don't support the UK government or ANY government. Therefore when you say my country or my government I give no endorsement to any of them. This is because all governments are non consentual and voting I believe is a sham. I believe voting is an activism sponge which prevents real change from happening. You know how we used to do it the old way, march on the capital and bring lots of rope to hang the people in power. The UK hasn't had a nice bloody revolution in ages and probably needs one as our leaders are extremely corrupt.

You know the old quote from Jefferson (the American founding forefathers were smart cookies in many respects)

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
-Thomas Jefferson

Pre and post election very little changes all that has changed is the puppet at the top is different. The things which keep things ticking over stay the same, and you are still in hock to the government. (Fiat money is the clue) Painting a government blue or red changes nothing.


  1. Afraid not, I think no government isn't great, but the opposite scale i.e. USSR (UK is like the USSR with 53% GDP dependent on government spending) is equally bad. Since taxes are collected via coercion, you should minimise the taxes and thus give people choices in how they spend their money instead of spending it for them.

    HK's tax system for instance provides most of the stuff including uber subsidied medical care but not dental, police and education. Yet most people in HK on the median income pay no taxes. I find it kind of obsene in the UK people on min wages get a 25% chunk taken out of it especially since MW isn't livable.