22 November 2010

The Monday comedy slot...sort of

It's been a a while since I've actually had a big family get together. I don't mean my immediate family like my dad or my sister because they pop in and out every few months. I have little love for them (extended family) because they are deeply ad hominem and they loved to put the boot in. What I miss was a part of the 1990s. Back in the 1990s when everybody ran hot food take out places and everybody seemed to be making a ton of money. Life was so much funnier than now. What with the grande depression part 2 on us and all. The hot food places all seem rather empty. Manchester China town is deader than dead namely because the council thought it was clever to raise the parking charges to £8 an hour. How the hell can you justify £8 an hour parking? Hence everybody decided to go to out of town places in stead like Wing Yip which took advantage of this. Anyhow this is way off tangent, but what's new?

The reason why is that you don't see this any more.

As the video explains in China and Chinese society it's custom to fight over bills. The video is NOT exaggeration. Back in the 1990s when biz was good families would meet every Sunday or Tuesday eat bitch about how society was falling apart. Bitch about their children, bitch about how business was crap. Note a Chinese business man will ALWAYS say business is crap this is partly due to self preservation though. But at the end you would quite literally see parents fighting over bills. Rather than sit back and enjoy the free lunches. They would go hand to hand against each other. Since my dad's generation is of the 1970s Bruce lee picked on group in the UK, although it is a cliche almost all of them have some Wushu ability.

You would quite literally see people fight like this one handed

If you were not the one handed the bill, one hand would fend off the defender's hand and the other attempt to grab the bill. If you were the defender it was doubly hard as one hand was used to fight off the others and attempt to reach for your wallet and put the money down.

In a manner not dissimilar to how Jackie Chan defends his Chicken


Meh Halcyon days....

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