14 July 2010

Chinese cops mean business

Ok so they maybe corrupt to fuck but they certainly mean business!

For instance this woman cop, she negotiates for about a 5 minutes gets bored dealing with the shit she's being given. And rushes forward shooting the very guilty hostage taker in the head once before running forward and putting two more in his head to finish him off.

Similar events have occurred in the past this is how we negotiate with kidnappers mother fucker!

Compare to the Raoul Moat a recent nut who went on a killing spree, he was found and he HELD A GUN TO HIS OWN NECK, and threatened to kill himself. Rather than call his bluff and say go on then make my day.

UK cops decided to talk to him for 6+ hours. It was a stand off except he had the gun to his OWN head.

Kind of reminds me of the classic scene from Blazing saddles.

@ 2 minutes 48 seconds where the Sheriff holds himself hostage.

Questions will be answered at the weekend busy as buggery over here recently.


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