09 January 2011

The Devil Came Down to China

Weird shit happens in this crazy world. Fish die and birds fall out of the sky in Arkansas, and people in China start growing horns.

Source + Story
A 101 year old woman in Eastern China has been growing a horn on her forehead since 2009 and is growing an identical one on the other side of her forehead. She says she does not want them removed because of the publicity they have attracted.

Another elderly man in Guangxi has also been found with the condition, but the horn is in the back of his head.

Source + Story
These growths are likely to be Cutaneous horns made not out of bone but of keratin, the material of fingernails. This condition is rare but is believed to be caused by radiation and skin damage.

Or it could be another sign of the apocalypse as birds fall from the sky and sinners turn into monsters.

You heard it here first, the end of days is upon us.

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  1. Quick, someone call in the Inquisition!