10 January 2011

Monday Death.Comedy sorta....

While we are not Japanese, whereby society is ALL about death, Chinese people tend to avoid death the usual things you've heard me rant about the number four for instance.

But seriously what the hell is it with Chinese and death these days?

While people with easy access to guns like Americans shoot themselves, or go to Oregon. Or die horribly in a gunfight with the cops, suicide by cop

British people hang themselves or jump off something high or jump off high things.

Chinese people HAVE to go do something all fucked up and make the world think Chinese people are weird, ok sometimes we ARE weird but seriously there is good weird and there is bad weird.

What am I talking about?

Ah yes I'm feeling rather down of late I know I shall remove myself from this mortal coil by sticking a cucumber up my bum. I mean surely that'll do the trick right?

We get bastards who push people.

Then we have guys who cut off their dicks to kill themselves. Btw related to this look up the China section here and look up the women cutting off dicks. Now for all those people who spout the bullshit about Asian/Chinese/Korean/Japanese women being more passive and submissive read that and tell me they are more pasive and submissive. I mean how many penis chopping incidents can you name in America or Europe? I can name one a bloke called Bobbit.

Now we have a guy who cut off his arms and legs before jumping out of a 16 floor window as illustrated by Applenews.

I mean c'mon it's making Chinese people look really weird.

1 comment:

  1. You are not weird.

    However, count how many Chinese people there are in the world compared to others.

    Now multiply low chance of weird thing to happen by very large population = weird things happen to "Chinese" people.