09 January 2011

I don't believe it!

People of British descent or have lived in the UK will recognise the title of this post. It is from one foot in the grave. Anyhow I don't believe it! The I am a cheap skate I sleep in airports guide no longer has ANY Chinese airports in the top 4. But it does have them in the bottom 4.


Singapore doesn't count as Singapore ain't China. Even Seoul pipped China to the spot. Although admittedly Incheon airport is rather nice with free to use netbooks that they don't even feel the need to attach to the desks which you can use to browse Naver.com . Though the toilets were disgusting in Incheon same with Gimpo airport. Not the toilets themselves.

Minor Note Korean toilets are immaculately clean, as a side note I managed to find THE BEST toilet in Seoul which has won this apparently prestigious award 3 years in a row. It is near the world cup stadium between Mapo Gu at one of the metro stations.

No no Korean toilets are horrendous for two things. They have these soap on stick things which you have to rub as if you're jerking off.

Plus they have little baskets covered in shit covered paper since apparently Korean toilets can't handle bog roll. TCG knows they can flush anything away after being sick on the spicy Korean food more than once. Though this is too much info.

Even Chep Lap Kok airport of Hong Kong did not hit the top 4! Probably the problem with Hong Kong airport is that the seating is partitioned. They have big steel arm rests which prevent you from stretching out. Incheon airport does not.

Still at least it isn't as bad as Manchester airport. Where WIFI which costs £2 for 5 minutes which has an uber version of websense which blocks anything and everything making it useless! Food is expensive and lousy and the UK security force regularly take me to one side and search me in a manner not dissimilar to this

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  1. Dont even get me started on JFK. That airport needs to be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. Well, it depends on the terminal. T1 is meh, T2/T3 are horrible, T4 is ok, T5 is brand new and awesome, T7 is ok, T8 is meh. Although I dont know if Newark Liberty is any better, but based on the neighborhood its in, id bring protection. LaGuardia is hated universally by all who pass through it.