24 December 2010

Blogs of Note

Some more interesting blogs I've come across since Links Day.

Hanzi Smatter 
A blog dedicated to failures in translation. It shows the misuse of Chinese characters in Western society, particularly in those ubiquitous hanzi tattoos. 

A blog about Chinese Girls and related topics targeted at a foreign audience. Authored by columnist and Chinese girl, Crystal Tao

LoveLoveChina PostStream
The Posterous satellite site of the above.

My New Chinese Love
A site about Chinese dating and relationships. It even has "Ask Victoria" for questions about Chinese culture and dating.

Some Taiwanese photographer. Just decided to throw it in here.

And something for laughs...

WTF Japan
Shows you just how messed up Japan can be.

Kim Jong-ill Looking at things
A tumblr of pictures of Kim Jong-ill looking at things.

Blackout Korea
A blog full of pictures documenting out cold drunk Koreans. 

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