09 December 2010

Year of the dog

Hello - I Love your site! I was in China last month for my first visit. While there, I had a jade stamper made for my Aunt and Uncle who are celebrating their 40th anniversary this December. They were married in 1970, the Year of the Dog and the stamp is shaped in a dog. I'm putting together their package to send to them and I would like to include a paper explaining about marriages in the Year of the Dog - or some type of significance of the dog and that year for
marriage. I've looked online and can only seem to find explanations of Chinese astrology as it pertains to the year of a person's birth. Can you offer some enlightenment on marriages in the year of the dog?

Amy from Virginia

Um, to my knowledge which is very limited when it comes to Astrology there isn't anything that special about it. Admittedly I am no expert on astrology as I said above. Nor do I take much interest in it. Far too many people asking me while working in hot food. I went and asked my dad about it and he didn't know anything special about getting married in a particular year.

Although it probably isn't exactly what you want, dates and compatability etc are much more to do with their individual birth dates and or the actual date that they married. Dates which have 8s in them are auspicious and good days to marry.

As an alternative option maybe you can look up the date here and try to figure something out but Chinese astrology is something I know little about.


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