29 December 2010

Possibly the most awesome thing you will see in 2010

TCG in his ill state has been watching rather a lot of movies. While there are epic stories with all star casts such as Founding of a republic. I found some even more awesome ones. How on earth did I ever miss these the first time round!

Hong Kong Wushu (mistakenly called Kung fu) which is awesome enough at most times.

But with Chainsaws!

Imagine how much money McCullough would have made sponsoring this scene

I mean we get to see the odd chainsaw used in Hollywood. Notably in the Evil dead series, Scarface where it is nearly used on Tony Montana. Hacking a woman up in American Psycho (for some reason I found this novel impenetrable and keep getting bogged down in it). Also in Smoking aces.

But where in Hollywood do we see chainsaw on chainsaw combat? Imagine how awesome, or even more Awesome the Matrix would have been if the agents all had chainsaws for hands and Neo performed his The One powers while holding a chainsaw in each hand? Or that he had some kind of gun which fired out chainsaws? You know like a chainsaw chain gun. We can only hope DARPA gets it's act together.

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