27 December 2010

DPRK vs Monkey Time

One of my fave travel channels on youtube is Monkey Time. He is the self styled eternal backpacker. Who has been pretty much everywhere in Asia, his HK/China and Taiwanese videos have often been featured on ATCG because they provide a slightly different perspective. Although often a touristy perspective it is often still away from the tourist hotspots where everybody hangs around. He also has a remarkable ability not to have people put hands on his camera lenses and say NO! His videos of Hualien Taiwan remind me of a trek a long time ago now.

Often I am kind of jealous and wonder how the bugger he gets the money to do such a trip since he has been on the road for at least a decade! Ian Coates on the other hand is using his retirement money and has been out there for about 10 years now. Myself I could only afford to stay out there for a little under a year.

But this (series) may interest the Korean guy and others. Since S Koreans and Americans can't enter the DPRK. I can enter the DPRK since they don't care about my nationality only my £££ but I arrived in Seoul 2009 when they closed the border and only opened it a few days later. after I had left. I did however get within spitting distance in Russia heading for Zarubino port for the ferry to Korea. Also it seems rather poor value to travel into the DPRK for $3000 when $3000 can buy a shit load of other infinately more interesting experiences (TCG is a stickler for experiences rather than stuff though there is a blurred boundary between such things).

Enough rambling here is the trailer.


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