26 December 2010

Downtown Beijing in London

Do you see something funny about the pictures in this article (Daily mail *Hackspit*). You'll notice most of the patrons in the shops for the animalistic hunt for crazy bargain hunts where you can have a once in a life time opportunity to buy a £100 jacket for £100 (which was jacked up to £300 for a couple of weeks to make it seem like it cost £300). TCG has a washing machine which cost £229. It was advertised on TV on sale for £229. Meh how cynical I am these days.

Anyway you'll note that most of them are Chinese people or people from the same region. I mean sure there could be Koreans, Japanese, Mongolians, Buryat people in there. I mean London has New Malvern which is essentially a massive disguised Korea town. Where many locals insult the Koreans by calling them Chinese.

Anyway this is probably because we save a shit load of our money as a matter of culture, my dad was incredibly penny pinching! For example when forced to take a cab in HK rather than go to a cab rank he would hail one down instead. His reasoning was that because the cab has to come to him it would cost a tiny bit less on t he meter. I'm pretty sure those cabbies pressed the secret fare adjustment button a few times to spite him because of that. Ok fare adjustment buttons probably don't exist by and large. But in Mongolia they DO exist. Doug got into a taxi whereby the meter ran over so quickly it was merely a blur. This money saving culture is related to the silver post, in that Chinese people are REALLY scared of the printing presses because of their saving habits!

Also because many Chinese people work shitty anti social hours selling you hot food in what is seen as a horrible demeaning profession (much like strippers and such like.... who ends up walking off into the sunset with the huge wads of money?). They get paid a fair bit more than your average day in day out desk job. Thus have money to burn.

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  1. You keep bringing up your dad in your posts. He sounds like quite a character.

    Also nice picture bro.