04 December 2010

Chinese burial.

Chinese guy

How do Chinese people bury their dead? From movies I see of China it id always different.


Dear Mark

Films you say?
Films like this?

Standing coffin? Fiction that is...

But really it varies depending on the locale of being buried. In China since the CCP gained power since the 1960s EVERYBODY is cremated these days. Its the law, but much like the one child policy unless you are uber rich or live in uber rural territories it simply isn't enforced. You all get put into the furnace...Bit like SC2. IIRC I remember articles from decades ago where many older Chinese traditionalists outraged at the cremation policies to be enacted started to kill themselves to get a burial plot. I think this was fiction btw. Incidentally Mao wanted to be cremated, but you know the fashion with these pseudo commie states they tend to pickle their leaders corpses. Lennin

In HK people are buried in the same way as in the western world. Though western world burials even in the UK are running out of space and thus cremation is seen as a viable alternative. Such a land shortage problem is exacerbated in HK because of the ultra scarcity of land burial is not permanent. You can be buried in a private cemetery (you can see these on the A21 bus) which require a boat to take you to the little steep islands. Or you can be buried in a public cemetery.

The difference is that private ones the ground you get buried in, is yours for as long as you have money in an account or your relatives pay the fees to keep you buried there. While public cemeteries the fees are considerably lower yet you can only be buried there for a few years. My dad for instance had to go and dig up his dad me Grandpa a few years back. At this point you can cremate the body and scatter the ashes off Lamma Island Channel and Lantau island. Or you can do what my dad did. If you've ever been to a village in HK and some in Guanzhao you'll see small concrete pint sized bus stops often in the tree line slightly away from the road. Inside are corpses which were once buried.

My dad did this to my grandad and his body in a crouching position is in the corner of my uncle's living room. Probably why I don't particularly like going there. Not because I'm afraid of dead bodies. I slept in a cemetery outside Ankara last year when I couldn't find anywhere to sleep. Heh but because my uncle is a cunt of the highest order and has attempted to defraud my family more than once.

The jars are parodied in Spooky encounters Starring Samo Hung.

In ancestor worship you're supposed to bring the ancestors close to where they were born and also to be close so they can keep a watchful eye on you. Thus influence your life with a benevolent touch..... this is supposed to be the crick of it anyway....If you believe in this, then this is bad as you'll get wank seances

If you don't then it merely takes up space.

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