Sites about China

China Hush - This is the ultimate blog/website for the most popular news stories in China all translated into English.

Hanzi Smatter - A blog dedicated to failures in translation. It shows the misuse of Chinese characters in western society, particularly in those ubiquitous hanzi tattoos. - An information site that can tell you everything there is to know about China. It has hundreds of articles on history, culture, people, literature, issues, cuisine, architecture and travel.

Pop Up Chinese - A free online language learning resource for Mandarin Chinese. I find this site to be incredibly useful. It includes many tools for helping one understand the language. If you want to learn Mandarin, this is a great place to start.

Pearl River Mart - See this post.

Speaking of China - A [white] women who blogs about issues in China and also has a segment “Ask the Yangxifu” (a foreign wife of a Chinese man) where she answers questions about relationships between Chinese and non-Chinese. - An simple website about the history of China. What makes it stand out is that it makes the history of one of the worlds oldest civilizations easy to understand and in plain English.

China Smack - Like China Hush, but usually more interesting.

The China Portal - Everything else

Chinese Text Project - An online database of every classic Chinese text ever written

Yellow Fever, Foreign Moons - A blog about Taiwanese/Western sex and romance. Never quite dove into it, a bit tl;dr.

China Defense Blog - Professional analysts and serious defense enthusiasts share findings on a rising military power.

HK Girl Talk - A blog on Hong Kong from the perspective of a single woman.

Yellow Bridge - Another guide to Chinese language and culture

Zhong Wen - Chinese language resource

Behind the Wall - China News Blog by MSNBC

NMA World Edition - Famous Taiwanese news animators

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