31 March 2012

Stop Wal-Mart from Destroying Chinatown

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Great movie btw
Chinatown LA is under threat by the economic monster known as Wal-Mart, who wants to open a new store in Chinatown.

Chinatowns are a Mecca of prospering small business, and Wal-Mart destroys small business. Not only that, but Wal-Mart has been linked to increased poverty, exploitation of workers and other nasty things.

It is without a doubt that Wal-Mart will completely destroy one of the largest cultural and ethnic enclaves in the United States by ripping out the heart of its economy.

Visit the oppositions tumblr page and sign the petition to show Wal-Mart they're not wanted!

03 March 2012

Chinese TV show rips-off Conan O'Brien

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It's been long known that China has a habit of ripping off foreign goods, but now it has made its way into television. The Chinese late night show Da Peng copied almost verbatim Conan's opening animation. See for yourself.

Some time later, Da Peng made a response video.

Conan feels bad.

What will they think of rip off next?