31 October 2010

China total war!

Nigh on ten years ago I wrote a guide for Shogun total war, then wrote something else for Medieval total war too. 3 years ago I got paid for it even though it wasn't the original intent but always thought hmm wouldn't it be utterly awesome to have China total war too?

And lo and behold a decade later some clever so and so's have made a three kingdoms mod for total war... work and lack of time means I don't really have the patience for total war games anymore. It was probably the pope being an asshat in MTW who kept on excommunicating me over and over it was worse in MTW2.

Here is a video

This is the link to the project home page here

Politics raises its ugly head again

Miss world competition held at Hainan Island over the weekend. Congrats USA contestant Alexandria Mills, miss world 2010.

However politics has tainted miss world this year as described here which is bollocks! I mean we have to get back to the ideals of Miss world competitions. I.e. to oggle appreciate the talent and the skills um..... of the participants and consider if you'd tap dat!

American politics time out!

The onion

Struggling Americans Forced To Work Extra-Dimensional 4th Shift....

Time for a time out of these politics things.... hope people are open minded enough to laugh at themselves... I frequently do anyway.

Ass hat put in prison

Finally for manslaughter Kelsey Michael Mudd got 4.2 years kind of light if you ask me, but nobody asked me anyway.

But the fact that his dad played the racism card, then said he was stitched up then shifted blame onto the dead taxi driver accepting no responsibility at all, then lying about the car rolling away which it didn't. I mean watch the video you can clearly hear the car revv its balls off (note HK taxis have gear sticks on the steering column) UK cars are mostly manual/stick shift btw (TCG misses manual gear boxes because the piece of crap automatic I am driving now changes gears slowly and inappropriately).

Now if only HK prisons were more like this. (HK prisons are merely overcrowded underfunded and lack any rehabilitation processes)

Or this:

Medicine update

This is no longer relevant as the HK government has had a bit of a crack down on self medication, therefore many pharmacies do not accept a $100 note as a script.

All this means is go into a doctor's surgery type place for an appointment ask for something hand over a $100 to the doctor and then take it to the pharmacy. Some dodgier pharmacies will of course still sell you direct though.

China space program?

Dear TCG

What is the status of the Chinese space programme?


Dear K

TCG does not actually know. Namely because you have to separate the wheat from the chaff regarding such subjects. There is a hell of a lot of chaff out there which looks like wheat and a lot of wheat which looks like chaff.

Propaganda and Chinazis do not help either when they make big bold claims about things. Things such as the DF21 missile. Chinazis will say it can sink carriers specifically Nimitz and Ford class carriers. The thing is it has never been tested in combat. Much like when the USN says the Tico and its AEGIS system can stop any missile. But the AEGIS system has never been tested in combat too. Added to the fact it is in the interests of opposing forces to exaggerate the capabilities of the enemies weapon systems this means more funding for them to counter this major threat. For example the T72 was seriously exaggerated by the US intelligence community as a death machine that it could take out any US made tank. Though this was potentially true when the tank first came about since the US only had the M60A2. Which an ex tank driver who chatted to me in a bar in Mongolia told me was a piece of shit. However the T72 was a death machine..... for its own crew...

Anyway I'm going way off tangent here (whats new?)

Also there is a big difference between saying something and doing something, therefore Chinese officials want to go to Mars by 2040. But that's 30 years in the future who knows what;ll happen round the corner let alone 30 years? Ok so there are some things like the North South Water project which Mao promised the people about 50 years ago. This is finally coming online.

Also the fact that China is currently run by engineers and leaders who say make it so rather than kowtowing to accountant types such plans more credence than plans western leaders might happen to have.

IIRC the next big thing is a skylab type space station by 2017.

Day light saving time?

Dear TCG

Does China have to change its clocks back and forth as we do in England?


Dear Maxine

China abandoned this silly practice decades ago. We have recently put the clocks back in the UK, it's a pain as I used to end up at work early or late when I forgot about it. Still when I did go to work it mattered very little in winter anyway. As I used to go to work in the dark, work in an internal windowless office all day and would not go out because of a power trip crazy security guard. I would then leave work 5.30pm in the dark too. I hate that. It is one of those things which is hard to argue rationally about. Namely as people who think it is a good thing will use emotive arguments like.

"But think of the children!"

Meh hate that.

Anyway I digress

In Hong Kong and Macau they abandoned this practice in 1980. In China they played around with it for a few years then thought bugger this and decided to keep it as China standard time even though it is a massive country and thus spans many time zones. Heh while riding a motorbike in Siberia I would often pass time zones and not realise it.... but Siberia was funny because I was so far north at times the sun stayed just above the Horizon and I had a habit of riding 'till the sun went down' those were some long riding days I can tell you. I even managed to get stuck in no mans land between Russia and Mongolia because of this...

But simply no China does not even though almost every country in the region does move the clocks back and forth.

30 October 2010

A taste of American Politics Part 3

With all of the squabbling and political mudslinging, there seems to be a trend of making China as a scapegoat for America's economic problems. While Chinese outsourcing is certainly a major part of the massive decline in US manufacturing jobs, you can't pin the collapse of the housing market or Wall Street market dives solely on them. Thank God this will be over in a few days. If Im not mistaken, political TV ads are banned in the UK and many other countries. We need those laws here.

First, some Pics:

And lets finish off with some NMA Win

27 October 2010

Chinese beer

Dear TCG

Is Chinese beer safe to drink? I heard they put Formaldehyde in it.



Why does Chinese beer give such bad hangovers? Its like worse than red wine!


Dear TCG

How come Chinese beer tastes you know a little off?


Dear All

Chinese beer is safish to drink in small quantities, you see in China they put preservatives in their beer. While in the UK and USA after a long day at work I sometimes crack open a beer and relax a bit before eating etc. They put in such preservatives to give beers a longer shelf life. They put this in as the culture of get home and crack open a beer thing isn't really done in China as much as in western countries even though purchasing power wise the price of beer is pretty darned cheap. Even in Beijing and Shanghai, this is as long as you stay out of the touristy areas. We managed to find a bar in Pingyao where the beers were about 2RMB for a litre.

Even going out for a meal and having a beer or two isn't done too often, people look at me wide eyed as I have a pint with a meal in HK and in China.

"What is this crazy person doing drinking in the middle of the day!" Or they'll share a big bottle between loads of people.

Heh but then in HK I did used to live near a gigantic Carlsberg factory (this factory is now gone)

Thus this (adding of preservative) extends the shelf life massively especially since they can stick the beers on long distance cargo lorries and trains all around the country. Tsingtao for example (note Tsingtao is a copy of a German beer btw when the Germans were forced out of the port of Qingdao). They do this because it is cheap and effective., hence the taste.

This has some nasty side effects. I.e. killer killer hangovers. More than once I had to go home (friend's flat) to have a lie down because of the horrible throbbing hangovers such beers and the preservatives induce. The people there do not feel this because they don't drink enough for it to affect them as big bottles are shared and thus they only get small doses. The bender we had in Beijing last year was insane..... we made a pile of Tsingtao to rival the hotel of doom

We paid for this dearly though all being immobilised completely by incredible pumping beer hangovers though, like having a demon inside your head with a chainsaw. While being punched by a gorilla constantly, which was how I felt... those Israelies though for some reason who went out with us seemed not to be affected and they were drinking shit loads of it.

This is made more evident by the beers which advertise no formaldehyde! These days. It like when McDonald's advertised its Chicken Nuggles as now made with 100% Chicken...... it makes you think hold on what the hell were they made of before then?!

Also in the western world we've had a marketing trend of no MSG! I remember something what was it. It was Newmans Salad dressing. They put on the front NO MSG! In big red text..... instead they put yeast extract in it instead. Yeast extract happens to be pretty much MSG.... So makes you wonder what the hell they put instead of formaldehyde into the beers these days? Since those things still keep find on the shelves for years!

Another theory is that the ingredients are piss poor too the hops, malt and water being polluted to hell as described here thus they are filled with harmful chemicals too to boot. You can read about it here

This is of course changing. But at what rate and scope I have no idea. But of course as TCG recommends.... always have things in moderation and you ought to be fine.


From Gizmodo:

Well, stories don't get much worse than this. A 14-year-old boy in China was killed when his chair exploded, sending chunks of metal into his rectum. The bleeding this caused killed him.
The alleged explosion came from the gas cylinder that was in the base of the chair, the part that allowed the user to adjust the seat up and down. The canister gets compressed when you sit on it, but can it actually create enough energy to make the seat cushion explode like that and kill a man? I doubt it, but this is what people are reporting.
In other news, I am working from a beanbag from now on. Sweet merciful crap.
Apparently the air piston in some Chinese teenager's chair exploded and sent him to a brutal, bloody death. The piston shot out through the chair straight up his rectum. He ended up bleeding to death.

If you brought your computer chair for less then $50, Id buy a new one. Especially if it was made in China.

Shrapnel retrieved from his colon 

26 October 2010

A taste of American politics part 2

Following on from this post

There are some amusing things in these radio loops from one of my fave games. The Deb of Night. Voiced by Karis Campbell born in Kowloon.

from IMDB

Vampire the Masquerade bloodlines, it didn't sell well when it first came out. It came out on steam and still didn't sell well. When patched up to version 7 it is worth a play as it's pretty good.

4 minutes 45 seconds is where the republican adverts kick in..... art immitating life or life immitating art? Though the whole thing is worth listening to.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Admittedly this game has LA China town in it.... which is portrayed again in a negative light as it is filled with gun toting gangbangers. Assassins, monsters and Jiang shi types.

25 October 2010

Practically ancient

For some crazy ass cultural reason in China in fact most of Asia once you are 30 you are officially old this maybe some comfort to the mad engineer. There is an incredible pressure to get married have children and settle down. The same thing happens in Korea, Japan etc. Thus a lot of men and women get desperate and marry the first person who comes along. All because of social pressure and fear of being looked down upon.

Hey TCG why aren't you married yet?

Why should I get married? Note TCG is very cynical about marriage and has friends and acquaintances who are not Chinese who have merely lived together for decades in fact they are the strongest relationships I know. Heh ironically a girl said this to me about 13 years ago about it only being a piece of paper. Though I suppose she was sparing my feelings, but hey as a teenager I'd have shagged anything and everything.......

Anyway China is so freaking crazy about getting married we have all sorts of freaky things.

We have Ghost marriages which still does happen today in modern China.

We also have women and men marrying themselves now.... as a certain Taiwanese woman has just done.

To me this is a terrifically shitty deal firstly because you don't have anybody to share your life with secondly because marriage signifies adult hood, and adult hood opens you to freaking extortion as described here in Chinese society...... though oddly the western effect has happened on almost all my Chinese peers and contemporaries in that they simply don't have any children at all or just one.... the thing is Chinese families 1-2 generations ago were BIG. Though outsiders may consider families even bigger since as a mark of respect you call everybody i.e. your parents friends and family Uncle or Auntie.

Hey Asia is a very strange place

For example

A guy who marries a video game character

A Korean guy (not THE Korean) Marries a pillow

Or that guy from Zhuhai who married himself. He's called Liu Ye or something.

Maybe this is appropriate.

Unless of course you take Cohburn's view that the object of life is not marriage and or love since not everybody gets it.

24 October 2010

Its all China's fault?

I get hate mail now and again blaming China constantly for the worlds ills economically that is.... and to an extent they have a point as China has the ability to manipulate its currency and keep living standards low for its people. RMB are in effect proxy dollars these days and the lack of social care means the saving rate is incredible.

There are also still 600 million people who are rural poor who can be used to replace those who demand higher wages. Thus the cycle will continue and probably end in tears. Much like a drug dealer it is bad business for your customers to die in the short term.

But then the USA manipulates its currency too printing endless numbers of dollars, I could write all day about it...

However you did it to yourselves as the video implies a future outcome. In that it is simply demand, in that if people in the USA simply refused to buy the stuff made in China boycotting organisations which destroyed American jobs for Chinese slave labour then the USA wouldn't be in hock to China for 850bn.

Korean Koreans who live in Korea for instance absolutely refuse to buy anything made in Japan, Sony, Nikkon, Honda and Toyota. But in Seoul all the cars were Korean, Hyundais, Ssayonngs Daewoo etc. The motorbikes were all Hyosung or Dalem. Koreans would give me the evil eye regularly while I was riding in down town Seoul on a Japanese motorbike (XT600E) . You have a Sony Phone? Every piece of consumer electronics I saw in Korea was made by LG, Samsung etc. even the xray machine I was strapped into in a clinic. This means Japanese products have zilch market in Korea. Hell their KTX is based on French technology instead of the obvious Japanese tech nearby!

A similar thing happens in Japan where Korean products have little market there too, they tend to buy Sony, Nikkon Toyota etc.

France.... mostly see french cars, Germany mostly German cars.

Therefore if it wasn't for everybody there creating the demand for this cheap stuff from China you wouldn't be in the economic troubles you are in now. I mean a t-shirt or a pair of socks may well cost a couple of $ (TCG at the weekend saw a pair of trousers at £1.25!). But the cost is more than the sticker price! Of course there is a certain irony to this being that when people are short on money the imported stuff is so incredibly tempting.

But just spare a thought for a moment as to what the longer term costs are...

21 October 2010

Chinese Genetics

This is a follow up to the question on regional differences as well as my article on Asian eyes.

I found an article on Chinese genetics and what makes them unique. Its kind of tl;dr, but its divided into topics like "Yellow skin" and "Northern vs Southern". Read it here.

Love lost?



Is there something I can say or do,that Chinese understand to really show how much I love them.


Sorry for the delay. But I'm going to be consistent as I am useless at relationships. Asking TCG is like asking me to perform brain surgery with a chainsaw. I also don't buy into manipulation (I feel that it is evil) and or tricks into getting people back either.

Unfortunately I don't have any constructive advice as I have said a few times Chinese people men and women are men and women first Chinese second. Therefore I don't really think there is anything to say or do which will change her mind and save the situation in the manner which you want. Since what will work with one woman may not work with another, but as said I do not like manipulation either.

TCG has been in a similar situation once. Whereby she phoned me up and told me she was going home goodbye... I was a stupid kid and made a grand gesture to win her back I took a shockingly expensive flight out landed less than 13 hours after the phone call. And I saw the other person... not nice.... In hindsight I could see she was saving my feelings by saying going home as in I've met somebody else. Much as other Chinese people will save face by telling outright lies but will reveal their actual feelings via their body language.

If anything if she is still around then I would ask in plain blunt terms her friends and or close family as to what the issues are and to see if they can be reconciled or not. As said women can be terrifically indirect and hint things. Add a dose of China with conservative values, body language reading and many of the reasons for the separation can be completely hidden from normal view.

It's not always about the money.

Stories like this confuse the hell out of my dad and my extended family. Namely because they are typical Chinese and are absolutely obsessed with money. Curiously they seem to think they are able to take it to their grave with them, the money..... and curiously they don't buy anything decent with it either! Only buying to get face from others....

However it's a good thing to see this spreading around more and more in the world people who are a tad more principled than the bankershites we have around us who have no consciences.... though is the conscience obsolete in this day and age? I don't know perhaps it's a debate for another day. Taken from Yahoo.

Taiwanese golfer Yani Tseng has brushed aside the matter of nationality getting in the way of a $25 million (£15.8m) contract - though she refused to slam the door on the possibility of adopting Chinese citizenship in the future.

The 21-year-old world number four was approached last month with the enormous five-year contract offer, which also included use of private jets and a luxury villa in Beijing, according to Taiwanese media reports.

But a stipulation of the deal was that Tseng had to change her nationality to Chinese, prompting the golfer's father to say that the deal was rejected straight away.

China and Taiwan have been ruled separately since 1949 when defeated Nationalist forces fled to the island following the Communist victory in a civil war.

Tseng has insisted that the subject of her nationality, and any sponsorship deals it affected, was secondary to her sole aim of improving enough to claim the world number one spot.

"I don't know if I'm qualified to receive so much money, I don't know if I'm that capable," Tseng said when asked about the sponsorship offer.

"I hope in the future my results can be better or I've reached my target of becoming the world's number one. I think it's still not too late to decide when that time comes.

"It doesn't matter which country I'm playing in, I feel that I'm bringing glory to ethnic Chinese across the world and I'm proud to be a Chinese," she added.

Tseng had her first golf lesson with her parents at the age of five and in 2008 became the youngest player to win the LPGA Championship.

Talking about the latest move by the LPGA to add Taiwan to the season next year, Tseng said she saw great potential in Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

"Asian golfers are playing well and I think this gives competition to the United States and it shows that Asian players are very talented and ambitious - we try to win every competition," she said.

Tseng is in Malaysia to compete in next week's Sime Darby LPGA tournament.

20 October 2010

Chinese culture sucks sometimes ;)

So you don't take the advice of your mother and wander down dark alleyways. Like I did in Tbilisi though I was fine because Georgians (Caucuses) are great people. And you get your neck bitten..

But that's ok as you get to spend you undead life in company of hot seductively dressed vampirettes who wear tight revealing cat suits.

Like so

The same can't be said for TCG... I get bitten and what the fuck happens to me? Do I get awesome powers? The ability to attract women at a whim? Do I fuck! I get to rot horribly wear long uncouth robes and jump around sucking people's Chi instead of blood as a mindless zombie, kind of reminds me of work tbh.

The Bruce Lee effect

Not that I like to smear the name of the dead


TCG hates Bruce Lee.

Namely as Bruce Lee managed to get TCG beaten up A LOT in school. Note that the areas TCG grew up are not exactly Representative of the UK. Where Children carry Uzis and we have places called Little Beirut or Gang banger alley or rape city.

He also got my parents beaten up lots of times and a lot of my peers beaten up a lot too.

Quite simply people would watch a Bruce Lee or Bruce Li, Lea, Lie, Law,Lo etc etc etc film and think all Chinese people could fight like that. Therefore they would start fights against you. But because they thought you were hard and you could kill them in an instant they would fight you in very large gangs. At the end of Enter the Dragon, the bad guys conveniently queue up one by one to be dispatched by Bruce. In real life they rush in and beat you to a pulp. TCG is on first name terms with the doctor who would reset my nose every few weeks while I was a teenager.

I did however learn to fight eventually and even though I was beaten to a bloody pulp after standing up to them they soon stopped and grew out of it. Back in the 1970s Just before Bruce died something would happen to my dad (who did work in restaurants before going onto driving a van for a short spell) and his friends. Though not so much in Cornwall as my dad and his mate used to brew lots of cheap beer.

Anyway big beefy Rugby types think Jonah Lomu sized blokes

Would come into restaurants eat shit loads. They would then walk out when a waiter attempted to stop them they would say some shit like.

"If you can knock us out we'll pay you."

They would then start a massive fight trashing the place for the hell of it. Bruce Lee copied this real life story for the film Coliseum. Until three things happened. The Chinese community really did start fighting back. I have a story whereby I'll tell you in person, but it is about a man with a hammer and three big beefy blokes who ended up eating through straws for the rest of their lives. And also when a Wushu master came from Guangzhou and there came a rep that Chinese people fight back.... which incidentally placed the Bruce Lee effect on ME and my Chinese peers.

However all the people who stayed in HK and China during this time still look up to him (in some ways) because of the stardom. But they never experienced the wave of violence he admittedly inadvertently caused many overseas Chinese. Though of course this might just have been strong picking on weak, but when people growl at you like Bruce did on the silver screen there is a connection there too!

Though curiously James Kim the Korean guy I met from New York said Koreans suffered much in the same way when he was younger. Though it was more that they seemed to be weak and the strong tend to pick on the weak again. Though I can only name one Korean Martial arts star Hwang Jang Lee who always got killed by Jackie Chan in almost all of his appearances.

Would you ever do a takeaway?

Note these kinds of boxes are an American thing. I've never seen them in Europe or Asia they tend to use foil or styrofoam boxes instead

Hi CG.

I've been reading your blog for a while. I have a question for you fellow Chinese guy, if you ever had the chance to go back to doing the take away type thing which invariably most Chinese peoples' parents tended to do would you ever do it again?

I mean I had to work during my teenage years to help out and the hours were crap and I never got to see my mates but my parents retired pretty rich.

Alex W

Dear Alex

Give then chance TCG would go and snag a takeout place and be terrifically stereotypical of Chinese people (in the past). This is probably because it was easy to get into, required very little start up capital and there were few Chinese take out places back in the 1980s and 1990s the 1960s and 1970s were even better. Though there was the Bruce Lee effect I will explain tomorrow.

In fact I very nearly snagged one quite recently but the person selling it got greedy. For HPCers he tried to sell it screwing me in the process out of a fair wedge of money. The buyer then screwed him back and ruined his own reputation. Therefore nobody wants to buy it off him anymore. He has a crippling overhead on the shop and I yet again am laughing at his short sightedness.

Anyway back on the topic. If given the chance TCG would give it serious consideration. The white collar route hasn't worked out for many people. For instance the traditional avenues of which Chinese children are pushed into such as:

  • Accountancy.
  • Medicine
  • Law

All three sectors are being done over by the economic climate and government. I do not know about the USA or Canada but it is like this in the UK.

Accountancy - this is being outsourced to death, people in Karachi will do these jobs for £3 an hour. When I was an accountant I would be sent out and do jobs for £300 an hour (my firm would charge the company this amount) I saw barely 3% of this per hour! Automation is also taking its toll meaning people who went into this are not doing as well as those in the 1990s before the outsourcing revolution.

Medicine - the UK government trained too many doctors, hence my two cousins who are both medical grads can't find a placement they both decided to leave the UK.

Law as with accountancy lots of it is getting outsourced or done via home packs. Like draw up your own will for £15 type books you find in bookshops.

Anyway I would give it serious consideration because although it is shitty on your social life due to anti social hours there is a nice side effect to this. Uber early retirement. TCG believed the hype about education when he was 16 and went all the way (twice). While his peers went and took over their parents shops. They are now home owners (no mortgage) have fat retirement funds and are near retirement at 35 years old. Bastards.

While TCG's owns zilch property, has a pension pot (a 401K) worth precisely £0.00 and will probably never retire. By 2035 TCG will be cyborgised like the video below

A funnier version of Ghost in the shell is here note this link is NOT SAFE for work but it is the only place I could find it hosted online.

Back on topic, anyway if I had the chance I'd definitely think about it because there is so much money in it. More than any white collar profession anyways. However all is not as cushy in Takeout land. Back in the 1980s and 1990s it was sweet. BTW TCG's dad did not dabble in hot food until the early 1990s. He was a van driver who delivered supplies to hot food places. Except he stopped one day when he had a sawn off shot gun pulled on him. 2000s less so. Simply because it is one of those industries where anybody can enter into it easily meaning the pie gets split into smaller and smaller pieces.

Which is funny really because while working in such hot food places people would always look down on me as if I were scum, same with my family and extended family too. And yet its like hookers it is the one who is in the shitty situation which ends up in the best position of all...

Funny old world isn't it?

19 October 2010

China fires a shot across the bow of the west

Quite simply most western nations are FUCKED. They are all running a ZIRP (zero interest rate policy) and are mugging their creditors via the printing press. Such economies need to maintain ZIRP or they are FUCKED, i.e. they can't take anything more than 0%~0.5% and yet shock horror China increased its interest rates to curb inflation.

The effects are much like US effects on the world economy......

From reuters

(Reuters) - China's central bank surprised on Tuesday with its first increase of interest rates in nearly three years, a move that reflects concern about resurgent asset prices and could mark the start of a more aggressive phase of monetary tightening in the world's fastest-growing major economy.

The People's Bank of China said it was raising benchmark rates by 25 basis points, taking one-year deposit rates to 2.5 percent and one-year lending rates to 5.56 percent.

If there was ever any doubt about China's role in driving the stuttering global economic recovery, the impact was felt by markets across the board. Oil and gold prices tumbled, stocks turned negative in Europe and the dollar jumped.

"The interest rate rise is entirely outside of market expectations," said Zhu Jiangfang, chief economist at CITIC Securities in Beijing.

"The recent rise in headline inflation has put the real rate into negative territory. And I think that's why the central bank needs to raise interest rates in such a hasty way," he said.

Some analysts said the rate increase also suggested a deal was in place between China and the United States to strengthen the yuan and put an end to worries about a currency war of competitive devaluations ahead of upcoming Group of 20 meetings.

But others said just the opposite was the case -- with higher rates, Beijing can afford to rely less on currency appreciation to keep the economy on an even keel.

Finance ministers of the G20 major economies will aim to tackle the currency strains in a meeting in South Korea starting on Friday. The country also hosts a G20 leaders' summit in November.

Although announced by the People's Bank of China, the decision to increase rates would have received approval from the highest echelons of Chinese power, with Premier Wen Jiabao likely signing off on it.

Once a consensus has been forged in Beijing to raise or cut rates, past experience shows that moves often come in bunches.

In the view of some, it is about time for China to embark on a more aggressive tightening cycle. To date, it has relied on lending restrictions and banks' reserve requirements to keep growth from boiling over.

"Fundamentally, policy rates are just too low for an economy that's growing around 10 percent. To avoid bigger distortions, China needs to start moving rates to more appropriate levels," said Rob Subbaraman, an economist with Nomura in Hong Kong.

"China's economy looks as though it's decoupling from other major economies, and its policies should as well," he said.


A number of leading economists, including some advisers to the central bank, have urged an increase in deposit rates to keep savers' returns in positive territory.

Ha Ha!

Ah such things warm the cockles of my heart. Ok so it is much like Schadenfreude but you fucked up our economy (UK/US whatever. Loads of banker types threatened to piss off to Asia if the 50% tax was introduced it was introduced.

However we have some good (old) news that simply FILTHs (failed in London try Hong Kong) are no longer wanted any more.... (here old link). Then again FILTHs have been replaced by FIHKTSH (Failed in Hong Kong try Shanghai). Except the thing is Mainland China is dead risky for bankers (read fraudsters) who make up imaginary debts and lend imaginary money to people. Here is a quick quiz, for British people if there is only 50-70bn in cash, that is coins £5, £10£20 & £50 notes how can the government collect £550bn of taxes eh? Its mostly a con.

Anyway China is a risky proposition as fraud of the kind done by bankers is punishable by death, for the gold bugs out there gold smuggling and trading (gold) without a licence is also punishable by death too.....

And with it Lam Kwai Fong, a horrible place home of the £100 and even £1000 beer. Where people buy expensive beers to show just how wealthy they are. Or the I am rich Iphone app....

Chinese miners

So we had some Chileans rescued in erm Chilie a few days ago.

OTOH though we have Chinese miners dead and or trapped underground.

The 'rescue' in April though noted here is/was a fake. I mean FFS, miners had to drink coal water to survive, you know how toxic that shit happens to be?

Anyway yet another mining explosion has occured as here the thing is nobody aside from the direct families really cares about it. Why? Because with a massive unemployment problem and the fact that China has 1.4bn people. People are cheap and completely expendable which is why they won't attempt a heroic rescue tbh. Profits before lives as always, meh pretty much like the UK and USA when we industrialised human life was worth fuck all.

18 October 2010

Personifications of China

OK, China Hush stole this from Lengxiaohua, and Lengxiaohua stole this from Douban, so I should have the right steal it from China Hush.

This is artwork made by Douban user "Pharaoh". It is the personification of all most of China's provinces. I have no idea how accurate these personifications are, but its neat nonetheless.  

Chongqing: Sichuan’s younger brother, naturally keeps his words, very hospitable, loves to do house chores, loves to dress up and loves to eat hotpot. Often goes his brother’s house to eat and talk.

Fujian: a Very strong queen, because she was often in war, she has an aggressive personality, but she is very loyal to her boss. Used to love to fish, now very modernized; still holds grudges about Taiwan’s leaving.
Gansu: Warm young man, looks very normal therefore often is scared by Ningxia. Likes to nag, other than that has no other bad habits (but also has nothing else special) Likes to make noodles, because he stayed with Ningxia for long time started to like pigs for no reason.
Guangdong: A girl that eats anything… often has strangers at home but she never cares. Likes make things herself and then paste on the brand name logo. Loves comics (2d stuff) and often shows off her collections.
Guangxi: Gentle and beautiful girl, but is surprisingly strong and brave. Likes to stay at home, and every year there are many people swarming into her home to travel.
Guizhou: Good gentle young man, his actions are courteous, and slow. He is kind of lazy, likes to play jokes on people. He has multiple national origins.
Hainan: enthusiastic and honest young man, because of his special dark skin, he is often recognized therefore he feels a sense of pride. Loves his ocean and the coconut trees, very proud of his fishing skill and loves to invite others to his home.
Heilongjiang: A youth who is icy old, does not like to reveal his feelings, although sometimes has a headache because of Jilin he displays tenderness towards two of his brothers. Had a tragic past, likes cloves and has high alcohol tolerance.
Hubei: She is Hunan’s older sister, short tempered and easily gets angry. Although she is older, she can easily get into fights with others. The word she likes is “revolution”.
Hunan: warm blooded young girl, likes to try new things, acts all on her own, impulsive and hot tempered. Sensitive about her reputation, has leadership skills. Often are laughed at because of her flat chest by her sisters.
Jiangsu: Looks like a gentle and quiet youth, with a weak health and often coughs, but in fact deep down he loves to make others suffer!! He loves to use tough problems to create difficulties for others.
Jiangxi: Girl who does not talk much, and not good at communicating with others. Therefore often does things she does not want to do, and in a state of self-blame. Loves to keep fishes, has many china at home.
Jilin: Optimistic youth, bold personality but especially effective when dealing with women; likes to lend his helping hand when he sees injustice, but often gets into trouble; very loyal to his brothers, but slow to feel Heilongjiang’s tenderness.
Liaoning: General offensive of the Dongbie 3P party. Has firm and persistent personality like the steels. Loves erguotou (strong liquor), and has high alcohol tolerance. Sometimes thinks about the sad past. Takes care of two younger brothers; he is a tender and strong big uncle.
Macao: Girl with high vitality, very good at gambling. When loses she swears not to gamble again, but very easily set off fighting spirit, and forgets everything she said before.
Ningxia: a quiet man, don’t know what he is thinking about most of the time, his action is also unpredictable. Has specially feeling for pigs. Often carries different kinds of kitchen knives. Used to hang white fabrics at home and scared off Gansu.
Qinghai: Lazy young man looks lethargic and does not talk much all day long, therefore feels almost non- existence. Likes to stay home and likes to eat salty food, even the lake at home are salted. And another lake at home disappeared for no reason, everyone was puzzled.
Shanghai: Very bright and capable young man, fast paced, typical impatient hothead and absolute perfectionist. Does not allow himself or others to make mistakes (often troubled because of this) Seems to be surprisingly weak when taking off his glasses. Annoyed when called a “sissy”, loves to be elite and modern.
Shanxi: Loves money as much as she loves her life, often with a smiley face, but that is the weapon she lures the customers to buy her stuff. Carrying an abacus at all times, very business minded.
Sichuan: Arrogant young man with a rich family, has very bitter tongue and very competitive, somewhat narcissistic. Surprisingly tender to small animals. Recently he is healing wounds at home. His interest is cooking. Often plays MJ with little brother Chongqing, Hunan and Hubei.
Tianjin: Cute and confused little girl, originally already grew to be a maiden but because her brother Beijing was not happy about her height, she voluntarily shrank herself. Likes older brother very much; likes gentiana, and likes to give strange names to her home made buns. Sometimes her thoughts will automatically switch to high dimensional spaces.
Xinjiang: Young man with mood swings, very enthusiastic, but don’t know why recently likes to fight and separate the family… loves to dance and make wine and goes to everyone’s home to sell noodles and roasted lamb skewers.
Xizang (Tibet): Naturally gentle and lively girl, very tall and has an unhealthy obsession with cleanliness (mysophobia) therefore her home is always clean. Has a long dark history, so sometimes turns evil. Likes to sing and drink barley wine.
Yunnan: Natural young girl, very friendly to people, optimistic personality and has wide range of interests. Good at singing, dancing and art needlework, likes small animals. Her blood line is complicated and her pet phrase is “may become good friends”.
Zhejiang: a very weak girl, looks like an honor student, good at poetry and math (business), timid and cries a lot, loves to wear silk (chi-pao) mandarin gown and hold a small fan.

Beijing: Once had world’s great prestige of the imperial style but because of narcissism and not working hard he became weak and went back to his infant stage… Now grew to be a very arrogant child, working hard planning on “how to go back to being an adult”. Likes barbeque duck, recently troubled by a pile of old stuff at home.

In this next one, you can easily tell the artist is a Mainlander.

Taiwan: flirty girl (has a sex appeal), couple years ago had a fight with older brother then swam to the other side of the shore and went to Laomei (USA) family. Recently Laomei’s finical situation is not good so she starts to want to go back to big brother’s room…