28 February 2012

Cathay Pacific introduces Premium Economy

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If you're planning on flying to China anytime soon, you might want to check out Cathay Pacific's new Premium Economy class. From first looks it seems well worth the money for a 11+ hour plane ride.

The addition of a Premium Economy class was way overdue IMO. The price gap between Economy and Business class is extensive. From New York to Hong Kong, an Economy class seat will run you about $1000 (which is very cheap for such a long flight). Want a little extra comfort for the 15 hour journey? Be prepared to pay over $7000 for an upgrade to Business class for which you get this:

Premium Economy will cost you about $2500 for the same route. Is it worth it over economy? You decide. Heres the standard Economy:

The Premium Economy also comes with an amenity kit with a dental kit, socks and eyeshade. All in a dedicated cabin with noise-canceling headphones and improved meal service. It will be phased into the fleet starting with the 777's and the A330's (which fly to Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Milan and Australia) followed by the 747's and A340's later. 

Of course if money is no object, you could splurge on the First Class mini-suite.

13 February 2012

A taste of American politics part 5

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During the Super Bowl last week, there was an ad for a Senator's reelection campaign that many deemed, racist. See for yourself (if its not taken down):

Take note of the rice patties and broken English.

11 February 2012

Glorious Mission is coming to a PC near you!

Note: If you are new here, read this then this, first.

Some while back I posted about a CoD-like Chinese video game created for the PLA. Well the game will be availible to the Chinese public this May!

Still can't find a download, but once the game is released in China it's only a matter of time before it ends up on the internet. An English version is unlikely so you may need to learn a little Chinese before you can play it right.