17 March 2013

Comment Spam

Yeah, Im still here. I do like to check in periodically to do some housekeeping. Maybe I'll add a post again if I can think of one.

Comment spam has been a big problem Im noticing. There was so much of it that I just deleted all recent comments posted anonymously. If you posted a real comment as anon and it got deleted, I apologize.

Most spam comments start out looking legitimate saying something like "great post" or "wonderful blog" etc, then at the end it says something like "visit my webpage -> 'webpage'" and links to a site for penis enlargement pills or something. It's annoying, and filtering out spam by hand or doing moderation is much too time consuming. So an ID is now required to comment (Google, Open ID etc). In addition, CAPTCHA is now enabled. This should prevent flooding.

And FYI, I have no plan to delete this blog, but no real plan to revive it either (unless someone wants to take over).