01 May 2009

Is this a rip off of Ask the Korean?

Is this a rip off of Ask the Korean?

Why yes it is actually, I felt frigging hell during the tail end of 2008 there was much harsh anti Chinese sentiment with rumour gossip and innuendo being the main things splashed around about Chinese culture and so. In attempting to discover a big secret about another location I went and found Ask the Korean?. In the spirit of Chinese piracy and copyright infringement in a spare moment I set-up this blog which also encompasses questions I have been asked in previous forum about life in Chinese society. This is probably as to why my profile join date does not really match the some of the posting dates. This is as I have been making a bit of revisionist history.

Then again others have copied as well, not to mention the fact that The korean himself is a copy of the Mexican, who was ripped off by ask a Frenchman who inturn was ripped off by Ask a Russian, at some stage was ripped off by ask a Jew and then an expat Who in turn was ripped off by me.

However in the spirit of solidarity (i.e. I may want to rip him off again in the future if he gives me that chance). I'm going to be cooperative with him even though he never asked me and I never asked him either.

In that fan death or here . Or The Korean's take on it is most definately not restricted to South Korea.

From irritating aunties, uncles and grand parents who are still alive, fan death is actually a popular how shall I say urban legend in Hong Kong and then Guangzhou area too. But with a few minor differences, in that even if the room is not sealed say you leave a door or a window open you can still die from fan death.

Seeing as Hong Kong is virtually on the equator and it is hotter more humid and roasting due to the fact that the Government of Hong Kong is in love with concrete which acts as one mother of a storage heater. Such that the climate is somewhat harsher heat wise and virtually unseasonable. Such as in the depths of summertime it is 36c during the daytime and it cools to 34c at nighttime. If you are unlucky enough to live in a village surrounded by mountains it is closer to 42c in the day time and 38c at night. No escape from the heat.

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