07 October 2011

Some Intermission Comedy

In light of this blogs semi-abandonment I thought Id throw out a post, since TCG retained my posting privileges. Don't expect me to take over, I am most certainly NOT qualified to run this place. But to keep the spider webs from growing I'll try to throw something China related up once in a while. Heres some comedy.

I found this hilarious for more reasons than I should. Some chapping young lads from Beijing City College have opened an Obama branded KFC near campus. Dubbed, "OFC" or "Obama Fried Chicken". In America at least, there is a racial stereotype that black people crave fried chicken (it was a popular dish among slaves in the American South) Chinese appear oblivious to this. It also seems that all foreigners seem to have an obsession for Obama.


Also, in a moment of simultaneous triumph and fail, China launched its Tiangong-1 module into space to lay the ground work for a future Chinese space station. However, when the Chinese government created a CGI animation of the module leaving the atmosphere and settling into the orbit, they played the wrong patriotic music. Instead of something like "March of the Volunteers" they actually play the instrumental to "America the Beautiful". A joke? An embarrassing mistake? Or some kind of olive branch?


  1. America the Beautiful played? That is a truly hilarious fail! I'd imagine it was a mistake someone got fired for haha.

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