11 April 2011


Stuff is keeping me busy here and there thus I'm severely neglecting this site.

But here is something interesting for you to read, about how some people are simply not Chinese enough.....

I have a different take though, as I speak English many people automatically assume I am completely illiterate and cannot speak various flavors of Chinese. Which is good in a way as people will reveal all sorts of stuff and talk behind your back in front of you, which is funny because they think you don't understand.

The thing is though about the article is that she wants to fit in and be one of them.... I forget the film maybe army of darkness or the evil dead or something. (Anybody know the name?) Where there is a chanting bit where it goes:

One of us one of us in a creepy sort of way.

Why fit in why be normal? Be yourself and forget what people say to belittle you!

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