03 April 2011


Dear Chinese guy.

One of my fave films is Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, but the ending is so ambiguous does Jen die? Earlier on in the film she can fly across the roof tops so surely she survives right?


Dear Erme.

Um I've not seen this film in ages, TCG talks a bit like Chow Yun Fat tbh, i.e. a mishmash of Mandarin mixed with borrowed words (mandarin speakers thought WTF when they saw the film). Anyway I do remember Jen jumping off the bridge and falling into the clouds as so:

The thing is though Jen can't actually fly, it's an exaggerated form of something called the light way where people are extremely nimble on their feet and can control their weight and balance almost perfectly. With the martial arts uber masters they can 'fly' even higher. I just watched the earlier bit in the film and the rooftop chase bit clearly shows Jen kicking off the walls and having to land and jump every now and again.

You know sort of like you can run up some stairs jump the last one and land without much of of an impact compared to your body weight. Ballet dancers can do this where they pirouette and land on pointe shoes. And over time for dramatic effect it is exaggerated. Much like in Braveheart whereby they feel William Wallace shoult be ten foot tall and don't believe Mel Gibson is Wallace.

In the video she does however glide, but that's wire works and CGI for you. I bloody wish I could fly at a ratio of more than 2:1 (I currently fly or rather drop at a ratio of 1:1 horizontal and vertical movement).

Anyway to spoil it for you yes Jen lives since Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is part 4 of 5 books which were adopted to this film. My dad told me about this when we first went to see it, also that Li Mubai was picked from an earlier novel. Thus there is not exact continuity... the Jen Charactor appears in book 5 and thus lives. Though then again there have been some absolutely ridiculous things appearing in Chinese media. For example in the 1988 film A Better Tomorrow, you clearly see (for once) Chow Yun Fat eating an entire MP5 clip in super slow motion. There are a ton of squibs firing all over him. Yet he returns in the sequel which is handwaved that it is his twin brother...... riiiight...

I've not personally read these books as I prefer gritty horrible books like American Psycho

Tbh I don't think about it too hard and thinks she just puts her life into the hands of fate, or that it was a Gainax ending

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