01 April 2011

Chinese Teeth 2

Hi The Chinese Guy,
I read your post about Chinese Teeth and i wanted to ask why do Chinese people throw there teeth on to the roof of their house when they fall out?

Curious Collector

Dear Curious.

It varies from place to place as not all families in China do it, and even then it can vary. I remember seeing it in my youth here and there but with no real consistency. Heh I suppose in the future it won't happen at all what with the children wanting money from the tooth fairy. I never got any smegging money from the tooth fairy, though granted most of my first teeth ended up being punched out from rampant violence and bullying over the years.

IIRC you wrap a lost tooth carefully in white paper and then toss the bottom teeth onto the roof while you toss the top teeth under the bed or at the foot or the head of the bed. It changes depending on who you ask. You know sort of like Chinese whispers...... except in China we merely call them whispers heh. Or how each house hold has different rules and or traditions

This is purely superstition thing whereby if you do this your new teeth if you are a child I suppose. Your teeth will grow out to be straight and not crooked.....

TCG dislikes crooked teeth more unpleasantness are teeth which grow in rows, urgh... If a dream woman approached me and was perfect in each way other than this I would probably refuse to date her.... but yeah I'm shallow whats new? In the USA and the UK crooked teeth are sorted out using braces or IIRC called in the USA retainers. (Whenever I hear that I always think of a deposit on something you want to buy or something)

As with the last post obeying a superstition = free.
Dental braces are expensive as is all dental work that is required. Especially so in China.

A particularly hideous variation is teeth lost are thrown into a well.... which is supposed to make them whiter.... but I've only heard of this second hand. But if I didn't have pumped purified and drugged up water (UK tap water contains various 'additives') it would make uncomfortable. I.e. you go out for your water pop it in the kettle and boil it. You then make some tea or coffee out of the water and something hard yet brittle floats over your tongue. You reach in and find a smegging tooth. Yeesh.

Here is a video of Simroid for aspiring orthodontists

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