21 May 2011

Chinese savory cake

TCG, there is something I saw at a restaurant the other day, its sorta like squares which were burnt on the sides almost like a less watery tofu with little cubes of meat inside. What is it? How can I make some? Does it taste good?

John C

Erm this could be anything, but my guess at the moment it that it is poorly named turnip cake. Though such cakes can be made from pretty much any root vegetable. You can probably make one out of cabbage if you want. Anyhow traditionally this is made from Chinese turnip. It is very easy to make..... its sort of like hash browns but prepared in a slightly different manner.

Because I'm lazy and busy here is the recipe

You can exchange the turnip for anything else tbh as said previously. Its interesting to have it made from carrot or even potato or sweet potato

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