16 July 2010

GM crops

Where are the gm crops being grown in the U.K ? and are they widespread?

Dear Sue.

This is a bit of a left field question, since it is about the UK, GM crops are NOT commercially grown in the UK, there are the odd experimental fields which are usually torched by anti GM food protesters when they discover them.

Currently there are no GM crops grown commercially because the UK government has not issued licenses for them to be grown anywhere in the UK and even though pro GM lobbyists keep bunging large amounts of money to the government to legalise them the UK and EU governments say no. Public support for GM crops is in the single figures and the government in attempting to reverse this made people EVEN more against GM crops.

Thus to answer your question no there are no GM crops in the UK, commercial ones anyway, though there is meat from animals fed GM crops and also ingredients which originated from GM crops.

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