08 July 2010

Americans vs Chinese?

Hi there!

So, I shall bombard you with a vague question. I'll try to make it specific, but I don't now much about the topic to zero in on a certain point or anything. I am aiming to work in the US's Chinese embassy one day!

So, what do citizens in China think of the US? I've heard the Chinese people are extremely nationalistic. Is this generally true?

And, just to make this even more vague, would you have any advice to give me?

-John Galt

Dear John

This answer is not particularly lucid as it has been typed in the dribs and drabs of time I have between busy things here and there. But you;ve been waiting a while so I'll try tie it up.

Quick answer - depends...

Long answer:

This is not an easy question to answer.

Curiously as a people I tend not to collectively judge.

This is in huge contrast to my communist goose stepping dad who still worships Mao, for some reason he regularly visits Mao's mausoleum conveniently forgetting that Mao killed loads of people. He has two factually incorrect anecdotes he constantly spouts he has been telling since 1984.

About how the US has collectively destroyed the rattlesnake population.

How Americans are shit drivers, he once read Joe Connelly's book bringing out the dead and assumed because petrol (gas) is so cheap in the US people drive like Tom Walls.

Tom Walls is Frank Pierce's co-driver in Bringing out the dead, where they drive an Ambulance in Hell's kitchen. The Tom Walls driving technique is where a brick is put on the gas pedal to red line the vehicle and to regulate speed you press the brake.

Though my dad is prejudiced...its funny though cus he won't buy made in China anymore after the tin opener incident where in one day he broke 4 made in China tin openers and phoned me to borrow my German one.

There certainly are probably some types like my dad in China.

While OTOH there are going to be those who are prejudiced, indifferent or pro USA.

I would say it simply depends where they come from. The problem is negative image, many Americans I met on my travels (who for some reason pretended to be Canadians) who travel overseas are douches and tend to reinforce the negative stereotypes that they are told. Therefore in touristy areas there may well be a negative outlook of Americans. This cuts both ways as there are specific tourist trap areas for you to go into and as a non douche tourist you may get tourist trapped.

But travel a bit further out and Americans? They're ok but their leaders are cunts though. Bush was a very good laugh in China when he was in power. But what you see of Anti American protests is not what meets the eye! Many of these are actually hired actors, quelle surprise!

But this is not universal! In China as in Korea there is a big unemployment problem. The Korean describes the status of ESL teachers in Korea. One of his points is of unemployment.

The local Chinese have been suckered into going to university en-masse and when they come out there are fuck all jobs for them to do. Many of them really do end up shovelling shit after going to university. They see predominantly American types stroll in on ESL tickets.

NOTE TCG is pretty indifferent about proper ESL teachers. Those who do really teach and have skills and or ability. However TCG has a severe dislike of holiday ESLers. Which make all teachers look terrible. You know the kind the ones who get a 3rd class degree even fake degrees and go out there to 'teach' and do a massive disservice to the students because they don't know how to teach properly. You know fill in blank spacers massive Teacher talking time vs interaction and thinking types. They go off to China on ESL meal tickets party and drink their asses off in China and Korea and act like douches which makes the locals think if Americans and British folks are like this here? They must be absolute fuckers back home, since this is all they see of Americans or UK folks ever and it leaves a bad impression.

Anyway Jokes on you guys! Because when you return (visa situations can change quickly) you are essentially 100% unemployable! Smart cookies who teach in Seoul or China go do their masters or PhD's so when they return they are employable.

Anyway what am I getting at? The point I am getting at is the point the Korean made is the same, that you get ESL types who stroll in and get paid way more than the natives who are often more qualified than said ESLers which to them seems terrifically unfair. This breeds resentment.

OTOH Americans are seen as meal tickets by the local women, no seriously.

You think about it as a woman in China your options are shit.... as a man your options are even worse!

As a woman you have bog all options:

You can work on a farm and earn nothing.

You can be worked to death in a foxconn factory and earn nothing.

You can go and become a working girl.

The 4th option is to marry a westerner and go away to the land of seemingly unlimited opportunity.

Thus really it depends on where you go and who you meet as to how people think about others, much like if a Chinese person went to the USA there would be a wide range of oppinions as to what people thought about this person. Hell there is a huge wide range of oppinions about ME in the UK and it's a small country!

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