24 July 2010

Is HK safe 2

E gads...

You know as time goes on by it feels more and more like HK is becoming like England.... this is bad...

In the UK when you say did you hear about that murder? People will ask which one? Change murder with rape/stabbing/mugging and you get the picture. (TCG has been mugged several times on public transport and therefore never uses it anymore)

The standard says:

A middle-aged mainland woman has been arrested after allegedly stabbing a young MTR woman passenger in the abdomen with a 15-centimeter knife.

The suspect, in her forties, was traveling in the same car as the 23-year-old woman on a train heading towards Lai King on the Tung Chung line at 3.30pm yesterday.

Witnesses said the young woman boarded the train at Nam Cheong, one stop before Lai King.

According to the witnesses, the suspect approached the woman, took out a knife and stabbed her in the stomach without any warning.

The victim screamed and tried to run away from the suspect, who chased her.

More than 10 other passengers managed to subdue the suspect while another passenger took the knife from her.

Passengers then used the train's emergency intercom to notify the driver, who called the MTR control center.

Station staff were on hand when the train arrived at the Lai King station platform.

Many passengers left the train in panic while an off-duty police officer boarded and took the suspect into custody.

MTR station staff called an ambulance, which took the victim, who remained conscious, to Princess Margaret Hospital. Her condition was unknown at press time.

The suspect, a two-way permit holder, sustained minor injuries to her left hand. She was treated by ambulance officers and taken to Princess Margaret Hospital for observation.

Officers said the suspect was arrested for being in possession of an offensive weapon.

MTR public relations manager Jason Chan Lap-yan said the police had sent officers to help with security at the station.

Investigators are still trying to establish a motive for the attack and said they have not been able to confirm any relationship between the women.

Ok so it's going to be easy to blame it on mainlanders etc, but I won't as I have maintained it before Hong Kong is a hot, humid stressful as fuck place to live and work, and people by and large come here to make some money and leave. But seriously if you can't take the heat then get out of the kitchen!

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