16 July 2010


Dear TCG,

Im considering learning how to play the Erhu (Chinese Violin). Do you know any way I could learn some simple songs?

Kevin B

Dear Kevin

Do you want a job as an editorial here, the pay is shit however, but you're more Sinophile than I am...

Anyway an Erhu is:

Again it's one of those things, you need to practice lots probably and therefore as a cheapish intruduction you might want to buy yourself a DVD. Maybe even have a play with one before you part with serious money to buy one. I'm sure Yesasia.com has some here and there. But it is like with everybody learning to play is a very personal thing. My mates all picked up guitar via being self taught. I had to have somebody teach me to play guitar. While I self taught to ride a bike fast by following faster riders and pushing myself (and putting the bike in a hedge now and again) While others need serious tuition to be able to learn to do this.

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