13 August 2010

American institute Taiwan

Dear TCG,

In what ways is the American Institute in Taiwan different than an embassy? (other than the fact it is not an officially an embassy)


Pass! Its another one of those Taiwan questions, Taiwan ain't China! (Ok so I can ask the gf but she buggered off to Hong Kong in 1999). But since I'm making my way to Taiwan in the next couple of weeks. I may go and have a look for you in person. But TCG's gf doesn't even know what it is and she lived in Taipei for 21 years. I think tbh it is like the British council i.e. it is to promote US business interests and culture. Though this is of course a wild guess. Any readers want to ellucidate this? I know I have a few Taiwanese readers on this blog.

Curiously TCG's gf demands that I am in Taipei for some reason..... and I got a strange phone call from her mum and dad the other day.... hold on are firearms legal in Taiwan? TCG does not particularly want to be involved in a shotgun wedding since she's been jokingly kind of pestering me for ages and over time it has become less joke more serious....

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