27 August 2010

Height vs food

Dear TCG,
I went to a Chinese buffet today and I notice they charge you based on your height. Like people over 5ft are $x.xx and those under 3ft are $x.xx. Why do they price this way? and is it legal? (In the US, UK, China or anywhere)

In the UK we have children under 12 or something eat for X everybody else more...I doubt it has anything to do with culture or anything. Merely that it is an easy way to discriminate prices without going into ethnicity, age, weight etc all of which are rather subjective and can’t lay claim to being racist, ageist fatist etc.I have no particular idea of the legality of this, if you see this in China legality seldom matters anyway.

I mean it would be really unwise to put something like black people pay X white people pay Y. Similarly with age it is both subjective and also not easy to prove as this case with an Iraqi proved to be. He claims to be 16 and has paperwork but the UK government claims he is 20. Age is also risky because of fake Ids and probably the need to check paperwork, which is both intrusive and time consuming.

Age checks annoy me greatly in the UK, drinking age is 18 in the UK (though it was fun to go out clubbing when I was 14) but supermarkets will regularly challenge everybody and ask if they are 21. My dad who is much older than myself gets challenged all of the time. But then they force the cashiers to check as the liability and responsibilities are burdened onto their shoulders. You can look see their height and quickly work it out. It is probably based on the assumption that people under 3ft are probably children and therefore can’t eat as much. Therefore they charge them less.

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