16 August 2010

Food part 2

Drunken Shrimp.

I really don't know why people in China eat this, in that it tastes exactly the same as normal shrimp.... Shrimp? Isn't that rather American..... heh TCG calls prawns shrimp.... you see way back when I was in hot food people who were bored like to make jokes.

They would ask for stuff like prince prawns or queen prawns while.

This was not limited to Chinese take out places though.... funnily enough it happened a lot during a rite of passage. Working for Mc'ds oh come on everybody has worked for Mc'ds haven't they? Normally it gives you such a kick in the pants at a young age, so you normally think NOoooooooo and are scared into studying harder in university or college etc. But hey it was when I was between college and high school before college and just after high school. (That's sixth form college to people in the US)

Anyway Mc'ds was funny because you got people who similarly came in to take the piss.

"Can I have a cheese burger without cheese?"
"You mean a hamburger?"
"No I mean a cheese burger without cheese!"

So says my dad anyway that it tastes the same since this dish is apparently expensive and working in hot food having to peel 20-3000 prawns a day in some places made me lose the taste for prawns.

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