02 February 2011

CNY eve

The night before Spring festival.... what people will do is cook one hell of a dinner, similar to that of thanks giving or Christmas in the western world. The dinner will vary from place to place but almost always contains fish of some sort again to symbolise fortune. We then grill some more Leen Gao eat it and pass it around.

The religious types will make offerings at their home alters (TCG doesn't have one) or will visit local temples. Again there isn't a local temple nearby to me..

In fact I've just had a tin of Heinz's finest as my big CNY dinner all by myself. As in the western world CNY is just another working day. Though it is a day where you are excused from not cleaning or washing up (whats that? ;)).

Degenerate twits will also do one of those silly count down things as well. Much like us westerner types do for New Years, but tbh by 11.59pm on New Years I'm pretty wasted anyway.

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