07 February 2011

Top cut China stylee (cut & paste) Monday comedy slot

Precis Chinese state propaganda cuts directly from the gayest mainstream film in Hollywood history.... well sorta as I've never seen broke back mountain*

Russia today's take on it.

I mean look at this. Grown naked sweaty men playing volley ball?

How much of a separation is it from this?

If you didn't grow up as a child and a teenager in the 80s 90s the above clip will mean NOTHING to you. Here is a more obvious version

The USN must have been shaking its head at that. Seeing as Top Gun isn't a competition as portrayed in the film but a school to teach pilots how to fight in the air. The USN isn't cacking it's pants yet

*TCG doesn't care if you are straight or gay or whatever. TCG is pretty much trisexual.... I'll try most things ;)

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