12 February 2011

Research before you draw your conclusions

Damnit the video

Is still doing the rounds and people are putting nasty comments towards me as an easy target about it...

This is internet coke law!

Since it is or was proven to be fake..
here , Here, here and here

I'm not saying Chinese food is safe, melamine in food fake eggs and all (which are sort of a dubious). But please do your research before throwing accusations around. Also consider what happened to the twunk who made the videos and faked the pictures. He was fined and put into prison.

Consider when I say the word prison. I do not mean UK style prisons which are akin to hotels, 3 meals a day SkyTV (full cable TV), porn drugs internet etc. Or Maximum security US style prisons depicted in Oz

No I mean Asian prisons. I know a bloke who was imprisoned (but eventually acquitted) and he was absolutely brutalised in a Japanese prison. Or Nick Leeson who spent his time being brutalised in a Singaporean prison. Chinese prisons are suffice to say inhumane.

While compare and contrast Piers Morgan prize twit who published fake photos of British soldiers brutalising Iraqis (it was faked). What happened to him? NOTHING.

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