14 February 2011

Monday Comedy

An impressive man from China famed for his range of facial expressions.

Yet TCG is unimpressed, namely as I know far too many expressionless Zombies in HK. Take for instance Leon Lai. This guy is supposed to be very popular in HK, in fact before I got my face mashed up from face to road interface when falling off my bike people said I had a passing resemblance to him. But dear old Leon puts a whole new meaning to wooden acting. Look at this guy's repertoire.



DrunkWon the lottery

Father just died

Family just got wiped out.
I'm not kidding either have a look at his various film posters.

FFS he got to star with Michelle Reis (as the below video will demostrate) a girl who even though she is in her mid 30s now TCG has to be careful not to drown in drool.

yet his range of expressions did not change from this

Even when he was being gunned down. Even when he had a chance to peek at Michelle while she was pretending to um do this.


  1. 0:05 you can see her tits. Im surprised this hasn't been removed yet.

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