01 February 2011

More food

It begins yet again....

The old Chinese women who live nearby have started to deposit Leen Gau 年糕. Because they are mostly southerners they bring me the sweet version which looks like something you stepped on in the street.

Ok don't get me wrong it is nice and sweet, imagine marshmallows but erm tougher. Like chewing gum type toughness and sweeter.... oh and ooooh so very fattening.... eating deep fried lard would be healthier.

Its not even CNY yet and I've got 8 kilos of the stuff already. Its a bloody shame the company does not have a hot hob! As I could fob it off onto them har har!


  1. It sounds so much better than fruitcake. I'm addicted to mochi, so anything made with rice powder and sugar looks so good to me. ^_^