16 November 2010

Boeing and Airbus are gonna be pissed

China has unveiled it's natively designed, manufactured and materials sourced aircraft the C919 with 194 seats.


Well thats airbus and Boeing buggered then isn't it!


  1. What foreign airline in their right mind is going to buy a Chinese airliner? (British Airways maybe)

    Im going to laugh when one of these things falls out of the sky shortly after entering service.

  2. It really doesn't matter tbh, as the rest of the world kept thinking ha we can export to China the stuff we make and they can sell us shit. The problem is Chinese industry stopped making as much shit and decided to chase the high tech stuff instead. The olde' these things are shit kind of debate mirrors very closely the Japanese motorbike industry vs the UK industry.

    A story my bike instructor told me once was the end of the 1970s. Him and his best mate were riding triumph and Norton motorbikes. They were laughing at the shit quality of Japanese bikes, then came out the first big generation of Japanese motorbikes. The CB1000 followed by the 6cyl CBX1100. 2 years later the British motorbike industry died. The Japanese then picked over the corpse of the UK bike industry cpying their best technologies like frames, and suspension and in less than 8 years since the introduction of the CB series they had almost 100% dominance of the bike industry.

    As said exactly the same things were said about Japan and Korean stuff, and yet Japanese have dominance over most consumer electronics.

  3. Oh I'd note that neither Boeing or Airbus can actually survive without massive state subsidies.

  4. It will be interesting how long before we start flying in Chinese planes?