13 November 2010

For the Americans.

China is a repressive totalitarian state...

Hmm replace the word China with the name of another country.....


  1. Tea party propaganda video? Skeptigirl is skeptical.

  2. OMFG TCG ARE YOU ACTUALLY FALLING FOR THIS CRAP!? You haven't even been to America (see here: http://ask-a-chinese-guy.blogspot.com/2010/02/is-food-in-hong-kong-as-bad-as.html).

    Do you know how uncommon these incidents are!? Do you know how unenforced the little laws are!? There are 310 million people in this country. Almost no one has fallen to these little incidents. This was made by a bunch of right wing nutjobs who pushing a giant conspiracy theory so they can scare Americans (and foreigners apparently) into voting for them. This country is broken, but the BS in this video is far from the everyday reality of the average American. Placing something this political on this blog about a country you haven't even been to seems a little unwarranted. But, its your Blog, so you still have the right to post what you wish. After all, this is America.

  3. It was the economic issues that I was more focused upon rather than the political and the liberty issues. Which has been a common theme on my blog. I've never really cared that much about which puppet is in control. As I put it on other posts about sham deocracy.

    The reason why I care is simple. All of Asia is joined at the hip with the USA, the general economic decline = bad news for Asia. What is worse is that the UK holds the 3rd largest reserve of US$ so no matter where I am I get destroyed if the economic problems get worse and worse.

  4. Granted the post appeared to make it appear I was focusing on the liberty issues and all but meh... ok so I look like a prat.... at least I'm not editing it to make me not look like a prat!

  5. The kinds of people that claim the things in the video see taxes and regulations as unbearable acts of tyranny.