13 November 2010

There are laws against this kind of thing

I've said it once, I've said it loads of times actually.

China has laws, but lots of them are disregarded as optional. For instance China has 'tough' anti discriminatory laws. This is important because our old bud Deng Xiaoping and his famous speech which he plagiarised from a Sichian poem.

No matter if it is a white cat or a black cat; as long as it can catch mice, it is a good cat.
Which is essentially bull shit. Much like the posters in the Beijing military museum. They all say Chen Kai Shek was evil and that only the Chinese communist party stood for human rights and democracy. It's pretty laughable really. Note Chen kai Shek WAS evil btw that doesn't mean that Mao and the CCP are not evil either as both parties can be evil. As demonstrated by the events of the KMT going to Taiwan called the white terror and the imposition of Martial law in Taiwan which lasted 39 years.

Anyway, the anti discrimination law is pretty much bollocks because certain colours of people are demanded for different jobs. ESL teachers for instance almost have to be Caucasian, Job adverts actively used to say, whites only. Today they get around this by saying attach a photo on your job application. Although this may seem like a good thing to certain colours of people this isn't as good as it sounds! Because you have no career progressions possible as they don't like Laowai as management or anything above the bottom rungs.

Anyway I digress.

New case law has come about in China which yet again proves China's laws are pretty much bollocks.

For older members anybody remember the Tom Hanks film Philadelphia?

A similar case has occur ed in China whereby a teacher who is/has HIV has been denied work. China has strong laughable laws on discrimination. Which says this sort of thing isn't kosher. But when put to the test what happens? The law fails completely.

Read about it here

TCG btw has no real stance on HIV though in that these people are still people, and it's even more shitty if you catch it through no fault of your own. In fact one of my dad's heroes who Art Ashe died as a result of this. He was my dad's hero because my dad in the 1980s won a huge wedge of money from betting on him.

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