08 November 2010

China makes a super computer

As here .

However China's NVidia GPU based machine is only top of the pops in regards to peak performance, not sustained performance like the American top dogs. So much as news is made of this it's like China's space program which had made in Russia stamped all over it. Not to mention that the technology (the chips) are of US design and origin, but the linking of them together and software is native to China though. So thats something I suppose.

In fact no its worse! It is like the tallest building in the world dick waving contests. The petronas towers and Taipei 101 are particularly guilty of this. The Empire state and the Jin tower in Shanghai too. In that they are tall because they put a massive spike on top. Which is cheating! And tbh does not wash...

I mean if I went and put a tooth pick on the end of my dick could I claim it to be 8+ inches? Of course not!

Question is can it run the nuts 3 mod (12000 monsters) on doom 2? (yeah still a die hard jockey of doom 2)

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