01 November 2010

Counterfeit China

Ok so China is often accused of being counterfeit capital of the world. And tbh this is actually a fairly justified point of view of the world since you can get copies of anything you want. Strangely though how a bad is just a bag until you put a little logo on it though. Curiously I do own some 'fake goods' made in China..... funnily enough they come out of the exact same factory too.... how about that then..

Anyway these people in the USA take the biscuit a fake court and judge. You'd get shot for that in China (amongst many things).

Of course this ignores the fact that society doesn't really exist, it's really just a cabal of people with guns who seek to steal your stuff where there is no opportunity to say no. Also that the entire western world has been over a barrel since 1694..... no wonder the original American founders of the USA resisted central banking so harshly.

1 comment:

  1. I really don't understand why anyone would want counterfeit items? Chinese, US and people from other parts of the world love these? I guess the marketers do great jobs in promoting that brand as "must haves" even for poor people?