30 January 2011

Changing face of China! Score one for the good guys

I've always hated nepotism, daddy's money types, inherited money types or those who are successful in business because their parents were uber wealthy.

I don't mind so much Li Kar Shing, in that his initial companies were built from the ground up, then he became a rentier which is where he gets my disdain. Or Richard Branson who also started up a chain of stores before moving into a monopoly Atlantic airline route in the 1980s and 1990s.

Bill Gates for instance the official line is he quit university (college) and started up Microsoft... the thing is his parents were loaded and therefore the risk was tiny.

Or Stelios Hanju who opened Easy Jet.... with an interest free loan of £50 million from his dad. When you have that kind of money backing you failure is unlikely.

What I hate more is, "Do you know who I am types?"

We have lots of Z list celebrities in the UK who are cheap arses, they will talk and complain do you know who I am as if it means something, when really it means squat. But what makes me angry is Chinese style corruptive nepotism (a word I just made up). Whereby people are scared to speak out against others because of their position or reputation.

In China this has been normal for centuries, even my dad does this to me, I can present to him a well reasoned and researched argument or business proposal and he'll ignore it. Trusting somebody with a perceived good reputation instead with absolutely no research or citations. He's done it enough times he's lost his pension fund twice!

It still happens in modern day China.... but times a Changin' buddies.

Li Gang is quite simply a twunk. He was DUI (drink driving) ran over a couple of kiddies got out and said, "My dad is Li Gang! What the fuck are you gonna do about it?" (Paraphrased). He then used all of his connections to censor what happened and try to blame it on the people he sent to an early grave. For a while it worked, the CCP machine went into action and most references of it in mainland Chinese media and Internet vanished quietly about 1 week after the incident.

Corruption at it's finest much like in the UK

Except the CCP decided to distance itself from Li Gang's son after probably realising covering it up would lead to a negative impression of the CCP machine probably due to the Streisand Effect.

As such I am happy to report kiddie killer Li Gang got sentenced to 6 years in prison..... ok ok this is China we are talking about, and when they say prison they probably mean cushy prison rather than Laogai/death camps.

Sort of like good fellas

Maybe this is the start of something nicer.... as I really hate China for several reasons, much like LKF in HK whereby you constantly get people who ask do you know who I am.... maybe it is the first step towards a merit based system... though I ain't holding my breath.

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  1. but then again, only awhile ago I heard about one Chinese friends cousin killed 2 people while joy riding around Fuqing, his dad was in government and paid the police under the table and now his son is off to America...

    So perhaps it's changing with this guy... but in rural areas i'd say it will be pretty slow to see any dramatic difference... Government workers still have way to much power in their hands