14 January 2011

Communist unity?

Many people from the outside think China is one well oiled engine under one rule? But this recent action by the PLA suggest that there are multiply competing factions within the Chinese government especially with the PLA and the communist party. It will be interesting how the new leadership change will play out in 2012?


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Dear Marcus

I think this article is merely pointing out the obvious really, I think this is pretty normal. Even in the UK politics the politicians generally plot against each other regularly and constantly. Hell look up the thing called the night of the long knives. Hitler had this happen to him and his was also an absolute regime. Long knives also happened in the UK in 1962.

So there are definate power struggles within China's political masters. Without such struggles I'd be very very surprised. Much as there is struggle in the US government. They do however try and keep it under wraps and when you control the state media it is so much easier to do this.

So when Palin says our allies, North Korea, the media can jump up and down on it.

While in the UK and China the mainstream news is censored and controlled by the government. So when things happen which are politically embarrassing the CCP of China can easily cover it up. The meme My dad is Li Gang is a powerful example of this. It was a massive internet meme where people (rightfully) demanded justice. All of a sudden a few days afterwards it simply vanished off ALL media platforms. Much like Wikileaks is not mentioned on UK TV news at all.

I can't find a video but the communist party does actually vote on issues. Sometimes you see videos on CCTV news or TVB news about when it happens. Nearly 100% of the time there is a 100% for or against the amendment. It is similar to this.

For YEARS the CCP has had 100% votes for whatever is tabled. This looks like well oiled unity. In reality they hammer out some sort of agreement before hand then they go to vote. So it looks like it is unaminous. This does not ALWAYS work however. When Hu Jintao was 'voted' in there was a nearly a 100% vote for, and one abstention which was a fly in the ointment.

This is related to our old friend face yet again. I wouldn't say it is 1984 esq immortality... whereby O'Brien talks about becoming part of the party so one lives.

Although I do not like the CCP system of one party and cherry picked communist corporate state system. (Though I might add that democracy I'm not sure is the answer either) I have a modicum more respect for the CCP leadership. Look around on Wikipedia. All of China's leaders are engineers of some kind. While the UK's leaders? Bunch of Lawyers who worked at Daddy's law firm for a couple of years before moving into politics. Even Obama leader of the USA used to be a smegging lawyer.


  1. The UK censors media? Jesus, what kind of police state are you living in!?

  2. Yup, Wikileaks for example is D noticed. Which means news papers and TV can't report on it. Although this is not law, nobody dares to not obey it. Additionally there is a lot of censorship via ommission. I can read online about food riots in Algeria for instance. On TV news riots are mentioned but they are saying freedom of speech and democracy rather than food riots.