30 January 2011



China becomes #1 in something good for once, rather than pollution, executions people in prison you know the bad things.

But then I read this China is number #1 in wind power electricity generation..... I'm kind of skeptical of this in a big way... not that I'm saying China can't build them since they are pretty high up in producing solar panels. Whenever you go on a trip through the countryside as well you see millions of solar water heaters on the roof tops of homes.

But it's just that wind tech is pants. From my office window if I turn my head to the left I can see a small wind farm. There are three wind generators there.... in my 5 month tenure with the company I have yet to see them rotate EVEN ONCE.

I mean hell they messed it up big time with the 3 gorges dam, are they going to mess this up as well?

Kinda reminds me of this

and this

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