13 January 2011

Friday comedy

Bugger me it's been a long ass week pumping 10 hour days 14 if you include the hellish commutes. I've got a few questions in the pipeline they are getting worked on slowly but they are being worked on done by the weekend seriously.

It's just that I arrive home rather tired....For some reason people seem to be unable to drive in the rain and drive sooo slowly and people crash clogging up the motorway.

Anyway here is something which cheered me up! As a runner to this post or the Korean's cut n paste post of the co-editor here. But hey Koreans always copy Japanese cars and tech. When China becomes prominent Korea will steal car designs from China. Though Chinese cars are presently a bit too shitty. Not to mention I stole the entire ask blog concept off him too.......

Anyway swiftly moving on....

I can attest that almost 90%* of the stuff high expectations father says is true. and based entirely in fact I've been there done that gotten the t-shirt and the tacky souvenirs. That said my dad is actually quite a funny guy in a stupid kind of way. He's mellowed so much in his old age and my memory plays tricks on me such that I've probably forgotten all the baad stuff.

You know this kind of makes me wonder why the Korean guy talks about his mum a lot, while I talk about my dad a lot. My mother barely gets a mention on this blog compared the wordtime my dad gets.

*9/10 statistics are made up on the spot such as this one

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  1. Have you ever heard of 'Confucius Say'?