30 January 2011

China unrest?

As a runner to the Li Gang gets 6 years in prison post.

I think this is relevant.

OH says:

When Governments forget why they hold office, this happens. When Governments plunder, tax, steal, rob, supress, torture and murder the very people they are supposed to represent, this happens. When Governments decide that the State is more important than the people, this happens.

Which is probably WHY they (as in the CCP) are publicly crucifying those in public office rather than white washing it. In fact the UK is even starting to prosecute corruption a little bit when previously it was merely whitewashed over. This twunk for example (he is an ex MP nearby where I currently live). 5-6 years ago huge bribes were paid to the government overtly and the government (UK) said whatever when they were caught.

Every day is an election day in China, sorta, as if the people are unhappy they tend to rise up and rebel in very large numbers through. The army might be big but they may well sympathise with those who have beef with the government.

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